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Moor Power Incorporated serves the electrical upgrade, installation, and repair needs of residential and commercial customers throughout the area.

You can feel confident calling Moor Power Incorporated, knowing that our highly trained Service Professionals will treat you, your family, and your property with the respect and attention to safety you deserve.

Moor Power Incorporated is a networking contractor company for the new age created to bring you professional contracting and service experience in an ever growing industry full of competition. Offering a resolution to two of the industries most frustrating and project paralyzing problems. The first issue being as a contractor and professional to be able to hire and retain good dependable help. There can be a lot said as to the reason why this is and we have heard a plethora, We associate The main cause is a lack of awareness of the power of trades which we will address in greater detail later. To stay to my point you can ask any contractor, investor, or handyman etc. what their #1 problem is, and it’s always sure to be reliable help, dependable, qualified, on time person(s) that show up and get the job done.

The second major issue we have found in the industry is that the average homeowner, investor does not have the knowledge or skill of construction management necessary to ensure projects get completed properly. We have instituted what we like to call the “ vital flow of construction” which simply means to understand when the framer should start versus the electrician and drywaller etc, to make sure projects finish when projected. Time and time again we’ve seen major money lost by the homeowner/investor due to one trade being ahead of the other or even worse everyone working at the same time stacked on top of each other. This outcome never works in their favor and in most cases causes longer than anticipated finishes. All this anxiety and headache caused from misuse or non use of the “vital flow of construction.

Well here at Moor Power Incorporated we offer some creative sure fire solutions to these problems. First by creating a network band of some of the industries best at present and up and coming contractors and companies in the State. So that when we take on your next project or investment with our branded professional construction network we can ensure success. We figured if we can’t find good help, why not band together with other reliable professionals to ensure that the projects we take on maintain the highest industry standard. If you are a contractor or service professional seeking work we offer you the opportunity to make the cut. Click on the link to apply. Homeowners and investors we have a solution for you also, with us as your contractor we take out frustration and bring you completion. No more keeping up with the plumber’s words and the electricians notes and the designers’ changes , did the drywaller show up, etc.? We handle that for you with your assigned General Contractor you only communicate with one person for all your updates and needs. You will always be in the loop with your very own communication portal to keep a dialogue and necessary documents at your fingertips. Most importantly we will ensure use of the vital flow of construction to give you a stress free construction experience.